Collaborations & Near Misses

Etherfysh has been fortunate to collaborate with several fantastic musicians.



Guy Manning


British artist Guy Manning has forged a highly respected solo career and was also a member of progressive rock bands Parallel or 90 Degrees and The Tangent.


Guy contributed great acoustic and electric guitar plus some keyboards to “Premonition” which would have been the opening track to the Karakuk project (see Near Misses below).




Donnamatrix were a brilliant American avant-progressive rock band and Etherfysh was fortunate to forge a great friendship with drummer and vocalist Earl and Donna Rapp respectively. Donnamatrix added their unique touch to the song “Orange” (which became "Higher") with Etherfysh returning the favour to the Donnamatrix song “Vampire” (which became “The Road to Egypt”, see the Karakuk below).


Donna Rapp


Donna Rapp vocalist and lyricist for Donnamatrix collaborated with Etherfysh on a lot of songs most of which were improvisations and are snapshots of loose ideas.  “Holiest of Holies” appeared on “Pandoras Box”, perhaps a cut and paste session should happen sometime.



Tim White


Longtime friend Tim White has been plagued by Etherfysh with all kinds of sessions and mixing collaborations. Tim engineered and mixed the album “Stasis”. His friendship, expertise and playing is always greatly appreciated and valued by the ‘Fysh.



Stewart Crowther


The world sadly lost a beautiful soul, a very talented guitarist and artist when Stewart passed away in 2016. Etherfysh treasured his humour and friendship over the years and his playing can be heard on “Sunrise Over Salem”. He also played on “Xstasia” and “Salome” as yet unreleased.



Synth X


Synth X is the project of Swedish synthesist  Rikard Latvala . Etherfysh contributed 4 remixes to his track “Thief” which appeared on disc 2 of the album “Noxia” (see Discography/Compilations page).




Nik Head


While Nik is an artist and graphic designer and not a musical collaborator he has created some extraordinary art for Etherfysh and his work continues to inspire. He has for example, always shown a deep understanding of the Stasis concept and has influenced it whether he has been aware of that or not.



Near Misses


Below are some ‘Near Misses’ which for one reason or another never saw fruition or completion.


Gert Emmens


Dutch synth maestro Gert Emmens surprised the life out of me in 2004 by asking about collaborating. He sent two tracks over and I began with some ideas. For reasons I can’t recall it never really got further than that. Perhaps we might pick the ball up again. Gert?



The Karakuk


A long drawn out saga that I might expand on in a blog sometime. It was however a musical concept which included the aforementioned Guy Manning, Donnamatrix, Tim White, Nik Head and Lew Fisher amongst others. It is actually more or less done, but don’t hold your breath.